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4 May 2009
Getting a grip on complexes
Most cellular processes are carried out by molecular machines that consist of many interacting proteins. Their abundance is often too low to extract them directly from cells and generating them with recombinant methods has been a daunting task. A new technology to produce multiprotein complexes, developed by researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory [EMBL] in Grenoble, France, and the Paul Scherrer Institute [PSI] in Villigen, Switzerland, now makes the biologist's life easier.
30 April 2009
Recycler protein helps prevent disease
Recycling is important not only on a global scale, but also at the cellular level, since key molecules tend to be available in limited numbers. This means a cell needs to have efficient recycling mechanisms. Researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory [EMBL] and Heidelberg University, Germany, have now uncovered the first step in the recycling of a crucial molecular tag which ensures the instructions encoded in our genes are correctly carried out.
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